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WSU Vancouver is thrilled to hold 3MT again

Friday, February 22

WSU Vancouver first took part in Three Minute Thesis in 2016, with its representative, Philip Uribe, winning the whole thing. Their representatives did awesome in 2017 and 2018, but didn’t win it all. You know WSU Vancouver will want to win the title back.

2019 Starting Lineup

Alex Stambor

Controls on Stable Isotope Fractionation in Pacific Northwest Precipitation.

Alexandria Camino

The Adventures of Drug Discovery: Protecting Against Drug-Induced Hearing Loss.

Bethany Shorey-Fennell

Reactance to anti-binge drinking messages: Testing cognitive and affective mechanisms among noncollege emerging adults.

Corey Ruder

Nitrogen and Nessie: Examining the relationship between nitrogen and internal waves in Lacamas Lake.

Fabiana Ferracina

Forest Biogeochemistry Modeling.

Kelsey King

Demographic implications of phenological shifts on Puget blues.

Kristen Syme

Mental Health is Biological Health: Why tacking ‘diseases of the mind’ is an imperative for biological anthropology in the 21st century.

Niall Millar

Reducing Our Dependence on Fertilisers for Legume Crops.

Noah Doss

Modeling the Brain: Playing the Hand Neuronal Noise Deals Us.

Norberto Rodriguez

What happened to Blockbuster?: Using Personality Strategically.

Sarah Kintner

Nitrogen on the side of the road: Investigating nitrogen mitigation processes and timescales in green storm water systems

Sofia D’Ambrosio

Getting to the bottom of it: unraveling the mystery of methane in the bottom water of Lacamas Lake

Srijanie Dey

Replicating the brain in machines