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WSU Vancouver is thrilled to hold 3MT again

Friday, February 21 — 11:00 a.m. PST — Zoom

WSU Vancouver first took part in Three Minute Thesis in 2016, with its representative, Philip Uribe, winning the whole thing. Its representatives did awesome the next four years but didn’t win it all. You know WSU Vancouver will want to win the title back.

The Starting Lineup

(In order by presentation)

Coty Jasper
Hearing, Hormones, and… Toadfish?

Subrato Roy
Effect of material property and hole cold expansion rate on fatigue life of 2024-T351 aluminum alloy holes

Steven Spence
Easing Access to Early Childhood Learning with Micronesian Islanders: A Quality Improvement Project in a Culturally Diverse Community

Taylor Rezvani
Social puppies: How veterinarians support lifelong dog-human relationships

Richard Snyder
As with Painting, So with Poetry: Reading a Visual Culture

Fabiana Ferracina
Finding the Latent Needle in the Observed Haystack

SuYeon Lee
Emotion Regulation Flexibility as a Protective Factor against Immigration-specific Sociocultural Risk

Nathan May/strong>
Discovering Structure in Data: Taming High Dimensions