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Paulina Abustan’s Three Minute Thesis

Learning from the Possibilities of Intersectional K-5 Self and Community Love Lessons: Connecting and Uplifting our Diverse Students

As critical multicultural educators seek to honor the multiple and fluid identities, backgrounds and perspectives of students, my research builds upon this rich legacy when aiming to uplift K-5 students and their communities through multicultural storytelling and interactive lessons which I coin to be “Intersectional Self and Community Love Lessons.” Drawing from intersectional critical race feminist, queer of color, and disability critical race theoretical frameworks, I develop, implement, and analyze how K-5 students are impacted by these lessons. Utilizing tenets of critical race feminist ethnography and participatory action youth research, I plan to observe student interactions before, during, and after the lessons with the hope these lessons will uplift and empower students to become positive social change agents who seek to create and imagine new possibilities of bringing people of diverse identities together instead of dividing us apart.

Paulina Abustan