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Adnan Althobaiti’s Three Minute Thesis

Ambivalent Sexism Theory and Gifted Education in Saudi Arabia

Gifted female students are more likely to cope with social and psychological difficulties to accomplish their goals and maintain a balance between societal demands and self-interests (Reis et al., 1996). As a result, the present study aims to explore the sexist attitudes that gifted females are encountering within the Saudis’ culture to investigate the teachers, parents and, in general, Saudi people’s views and perceptions about gifted female students. In fact, there is no a single research study was conducted on Saudi Arabia that addressing sexism manifestation within the gifted education as well as if gifted girls are struggling with sexist attitudes. The research in ambivalent sexism is entirely missing from the Arabic and Islamic literature. Despite the Saudi cultural awareness of gender inequalities, sexism or ambivalent sexism are not being used as a knowledge discourse in explicating gender inequalities. As a result, the researcher aims to introduce ambivalent sexism theory to the culture of Saudis as well as to apply the theory onto the Saudi gifted girls’ daily experiences.

Adnan Althobaiti